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Scientifically Tested Dragon’s Blood Sap

Carine Mudry, the creator of EKIA, consulted with dermatologists and completed a clinical study in order to find the perfect anti-ageing ingredient. This study led to the discovery of the brand’s valuable active ingredient, found at the heart of the Amazon rainforest and with a name that sounds like a legend “Sangre Del Drago Sap” – commonly known as Dragon’s Blood Sap.

Tested against over 3000 foods, beverages, spices, herbs and dietary supplements, the scientific community consider Dragon’s Blood Sap as one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world (Nutrition Journal, 2009)

Composed of more than 40 different anti-oxidising, anti-inflammatory, anti-free radical and anti-bacterial molecules, clinical trials* found within just 24hrs from first application of the sap, the number of skin cells (fibroblasts) responsible for the production of collagen and elastin are increased by 40%. The production of these two essential elements helps retain and reinforce skin’s firmness, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

(*in vitro study)

The photos show the evolution of the skin surface at 0 month and at 3 months

Clinically Proven Efficacy

Clinical efficacy tests were carried out for 3 months on 30 women aged over 50 years, who used EKIA’s Crème Initiale both morning and night. The results were assessed using scientific measurements* and not by simple self-evaluation.

Results showed a positive effect on all major signs of ageing.

*Bio-metrical measurements (no self-evaluation) and clinical assessment of the factors typically reflecting skin maturity on 30 women using Crème Initiale for 3 months found +71% finer skin texture for 90% of volunteers, +42% firmness and skin elasticity for 60% of volunteers and both -78% depth and length of wrinkles and visibility of age spots in 50% of volunteers. Study conducted by leading university hospital in France.


EKIA is one of the few organic brands to have evidenced the quality level of its anti-aging skincare from a scientific point of view through clinical tests on their effectiveness. They were carried out for 3 months on a sample of 30 women. The results were controlled by means of photographs taken under the supervision of an independent dermatologist.

Front D-0

Front D+90

Wrinkles D-o

Wrinkles D+90

Brown spots D-0

Brown spots D+90


– Finer skin texture: +71% *
– Reduced pigment spots: -40%**
– Firmer and more elastic skin: +42% ***
– Significantly reduced wrinkles: -78%****

Those results were obtained from a panel of 30 women having a protected skin type and having applied EKIA Crème Initiale every morning and every evening for 3 continuous months:
*: for 90% of the volunteers,
**: for 50% of the volunteers,
***: for 66% of the volunteers.