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Organic Certification of EKIA


At EKIA, we understand that nature knows best, and that is why we only use the finest natural and organic actives in our formulations – all obtained through gentle extraction processes rather than through the use of complex chemistry. We believe people who choose to use organic cosmetics should not have to give up on the effectiveness of their skin care products under the pretext of ‘getting back to nature’ – quite the opposite in fact.

This is why we create organic skincare products WITH the following guarantees:

– highly effective active ingredients

– premium quality vegetable oils

– fine and pleasant textures and only natural fragrances

– reliable and scientific efficacy testing – not just by self-evaluation

– tests for skin and eye tolerance for all products

– Ecocert certification and Cosmebio*

But always WITHOUT: animal testing, petrochemical derivatives, genetically modified raw materials, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, nanopar­ticles, PEG and other harmful chemicals prohibited by Ecocert standards.

*To read more about the ECOCERT Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics please visit http://cosmetics.ecocert.com.