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Try EKIA’s personalised skin diagnosis to determine your skin type and discover the best EKIA cream for you.

A unique approach to anti-ageing

Historically classified together as one “mature skin” category by other skincare brands, EKIA’s proprietary research in fact identified three different mature skin types – each one independent of age and each needing different solutions from a skincare product.

After two years of clinical research on 150 women with ageing skin, EKIA identified three distinct types of mature skin – Well Preserved, Weakened and Damaged – and created a specific face cream for each of these different skin types.

EKIA’s Crème Initiale, Crème Intense and Crème Extrême were developed to combat the main signs of ageing across these different mature skin types – ensuring your skin gets what it needs based on its actual physical structure rather than just the ‘mature age bracket’ you fit in to.

Through further research the EKIA range extended its expertise to younger skin and developed Crème Originelle specifically for women looking to treat the early signs of fatigue and ageing and prevent latent signs of ageing from developing.

EKIA products are aimed at all women (and men) who seek anti-ageing skin care products that combine scientific prowess and efficacy, with the health conscious safe guard of an organic product that carries ECOCERT certification.

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Skincare Diagnosis

  • The following questions will help you discover your mature skin type. However if your skin is only just beginning to show the first signs of ageing and fatigue, please select one of our two Creme Originelle products, for preventative anti-ageing skincare.
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